Help feed hungry street dogs in India

Our Goal $2,500
Raised $900

Help the hometown heroes in New Delhi feed hungry street dogs! OPH and KAW have a strong relationship and we truly support their heroic efforts with this pandemic. During the COVID-19 crisis, dogs who already struggle to survive on the street are starving, as their usual sources of food have been disrupted. You can be a hero by supporting the heroes who are feeding them!

OPH celebrates hometown heroes everywhere. Dogs struggling to survive on the street in India are relying on their own hometown heroes -- people who are braving the COVID-19 shutdown and feeding the dogs on the streets of New Delhi. The COVID-19 crisis has hit India hard: the country is in mandatory lockdown, and thousands of street dogs are no longer being fed by shopkeepers and other people in the community. OPH's shelter partner KAW has launched an emergency effort to feed dogs on the street near their facility in New Delhi, as well as their resident dogs at KAW. The staff of KAW are "hometown heroes" who bring meals to over 200 dogs a day that would otherwise go hungry during the crisis. These funds will be used to purchase food for the hundreds of dogs that KAW is feeding, and also cover vet bills for sick or injured street dogs.

We all need someone to stand by us in times of crisis -- and hungry street dogs are relying on these hometown heroes to feed them. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. A meal for 200 stray dogs costs less than $30 a day! Help give these dogs a meal, and a second chance. Thank you for your support!