Rescuing Animals in Need & Celebrating Hometown Heroes

Our Goal $15,000
Raised $3,385

OPH Rescue wants to recognize all the amazing individuals in our community who are truly Hometown Heroes. These are the individuals who lead by example and are doing what it takes to ensure we make it through this pandemic. Today we stand by them and show our sincere appreciation for all they do.

Help us to Save Dogs AND Honor a Hero! Donate and recognize your Hometown Hero by naming an incoming OPH rescue dog or cat after them. OPH will send a personalized recognition card to your Hero as well!

Together we Rescue. Together we make a Difference!

OPH is filled with heroes who change the lives of dogs and cats in need every day. In the wake of this pandemic, our shelter partners have been faced with an influx of animals who need rescue. At some of these shelters, their doors are closed for adoptions so rescue is the only lifeline for these souls.

Week after week – OPH hears more stories of the struggles and witnesses incredible acts of kindness. Since the start of the pandemic in March, OPH has rescued 346 dogs and 81 cats. That is incredible news for these animals and their new forever families. In order to save so many we’ve had to make several costly adjustments to accommodate the new norm and and continue to rescue. Social distance adoptions required upgrades to our current systems, so that all contracts and payments can now be completed online. Additionally, the donations of food for foster homes that we can normally depend on hasn't been available – and we’ve had to ask for help like never before. And it's not stopping, the numbers of animals in urgent need continues to rise requiring us to plan for additional transports to bring them to safety.

We know heroes take many forms and we want to do something fun in conjunction with this fundraiser. Many Hometown Heroes are First Responders who are fighting on the front line in hospitals, while others are unsung heroes, the Essential Workers, who like our mailman, delivery people, bankers or grocery store clerks have been the fabric of our communities during this pandemic. Today, we want to recognize these Hometown Heroes and show our appreciation for their incredible work by honoring them through our mission.

With your donations we will not only save dogs/cats in need, we will also recognize the Hometown Heroes who are keeping us safe. OPH invites you to donate and help us to name our rescued dogs and cats after YOUR Hometown Heroes. With your donation, each Hometown Hero will be mailed a personalized card reflecting your donation with the photo of the dog/cat named to honor them. You will receive an email with the same information.

Specifics for celebrating and recognizing a Hometown Hero:

  • $50 Donation – Name a dog or cat after your Hometown Hero

  • $95 Donation ($50 and $45) – Name 2 dogs or cats (total) after two Hometown Heroes

  • $130 Donation ($50, $45 and $35) – Name 3 dogs or cats (total) after three Hometown Heroes and receive an OPH LOVE t-shirt!

  • Do you have several Hometown Heroes you’d like to honor? We support that! After your third honoree, we cap the donation amount for recognition at $35. So 4 names would be a $165 donation and so on.

Your donation will save animals in need AND honor your Hometown Heroes who are keeping us safe. Each Hometown Hero you recognize will be mailed a personalized card with a note of gratitude letting them know about your gracious donation and a photo of the dog/cat named to honor them. You too will receive an email with your pup’s photo and information letting you know we’ve helped to honor your Hometown Hero.