Spring2ACTion - We Are Meant to Rescue Each Other

Our Goal $15,000
Raised $100

Spring2ACTion is an online day of giving to support nonprofit organizations. The mission of OPH Rescue is to rescue dogs and cats in need, and for Spring2ACTion we peek in to some incredible life-changing stories that show how we rescue. Please join us in support of this life-saving and life-rescuing campaign!

Rescue (noun) - an act of saving or being saved from danger or distress.

Over the last year, our furry family members have helped us as we isolated and our lives were turned upside down. Plans were cancelled, visits were put off, and dreams delayed... For many people, our loneliness was eased by the press of a cold wet nose or a warm furry body on our lap. Dog and Cat adoptions across the nation rose, including in OPH, and more people than ever found joy and comfort in their pet companions.

We think it's safe to say - Pets truly rescued 2020! From extra cuddles to the virtual video bombs, our pets were there for us.

  • OPH rescued more than 1600 dogs and 335 cats in 2020; 400 more than 2019. Even as life returns to a busier “normal,” we are excited to rescue even more in 2021!

  • As our lives start to return to normal, the lives of dogs and cats in need look no different. Our shelter partners continue to be inundated with dogs and cats who desperately need homes. In one recent transport of 76 dogs, 47 dogs and puppies came from one single shelter!

At OPH, we believe rescue makes a difference in the lives of people and pets and take that word seriously. Our adoption coordinators carefully assess each prospective adopter's desires and each animal's needs to make the perfect match because truly “we are meant to rescue each other.”

Please join with OPH during this Spring2ACTion campaign and together we will rescue.

THANK YOU for your support!