Giving Tuesday 2018

Our Goal $15,000
Raised $6,536

Giving Tuesday is an international online giving event that supports nonprofit organizations who are the voice for those who need. At OPH Rescue, our mission is to support four-legged friends who deserve a second chance at life. This Giving Tuesday we need YOUR help to support some four-legged friends who need some additional support… This Giving Tuesday we open our hearts and provide a peek into the rescue world and some challenges we face every day. Please join us in this life-saving campaign!

OPH is incredibly fortunate to have amazing foster homes and wonderful boarding partners. They provide invaluable support and love for the dogs coming into our care. Sometimes, we need a little more to help in an emergency or where a dog is shut down and needs extra time and companionship to truly shine.

  • Shelters can be scary places to a dog. Abandoned by their families. New environment with new sounds and smells. And there are only so many volunteers or staff available to give a loving pat while they care for the dogs. Some dogs shut down while waiting for rescue. And they need time to bounce back.... something a sanctuary can provide.

  • It seems like each week we receive an urgent plea of a pregnant momma dog who needs out immediately. It's dangerous for them to deliver alone in a shelter, and we need to have additional options available to be able to move quickly and aid them.

  • Other dogs are high energy and need a job or physical challenges to allow them to exert their energy each day! Imagine if we have a safe place for them to unwind... find their calling... and get their energy out. We can use this knowledge to find the right home for them!

That’s why OPH's mission needs your support. We are working to build a sanctuary near Richmond, Virginia. The concrete is poured and the walls are going up. Giving Tuesday is YOUR way to help us raise funds for vital elements of the sanctuary.

Help us by donating this Giving Tuesday.

To show our gratitude, we're giving back too. When our supporters give, they receive ...

· $100 donation = an OPH car magnet
· $200 = a long-sleeved T-shirt
· $500 = a gift basket with OPH goodies for pup & person
· $1000 = the option to name an area of the sanctuary

THANK YOU for your support!