#10047 Remembering Mirabelle 2020

Medium-size, Female, Adult Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler),
Remembering Mirabelle 2020 is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. She is not suitable in an apartment, condo or other urban setting. Remembering Mirabelle 2020 is currently being fostered in Walkersville, MD.

Hi! My name is Remembering Mirabelle and I'm guessed to be a Heeler Mix and about 2 year old. I currently weigh around 37 lbs. I am a very sweet girl who is learning day by day that humans can be loving and caring. I will need a patient adopter as my foster mom thinks I may have been hit on. My crate is my safe place.

I currently live with a family with kids and other dogs and a cat and am doing great, although it took me about a week to warm up and feel comfortable. I like to give kisses and just learned how to sit! I enjoy scratches and head rubs. My foster mom gives me treats for going potty outside and still need to be led out, but once I’m out I realize it’s potty time and I love to be free out in the yard! I do not bark and am sleeping through the night in my crate although I show signs of anxiety in crate during day when left alone so will need a safe crate with no items that I can chew up and possibly choke. I like to take walks but am cautious of my surroundings.

I will do great in any home setting although may take me longer to warm up depending on the setting. Will u be my rescue? I will love you very much!

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