#10241 Chick-O-Stick

Adoption Pending
Medium-size, Female, Young Hound,

Hi! My name is Chick-O-Stick and I am part of the candy themed transport. I arrived on November 20th and I'm looking for my forever family. Keep reading to find out some things about me from my foster mom.

The neat things she thinks you should know about me:

~ I'm about 8 months old
~ I weigh about 30 pounds now but I need to gain some weight, I'm pretty skinny she says
~ I'm some kind of hound mix, but all foster mom says is how beautiful I am. My coat is multi-colored brindle and is just stunning she says.
~ I am calm in my crate
~ I've kept my crate clean and tidy all night
~ She has yet to hear me bark but I'm sure I can do it
~ I'm a big love bug, I just want to be with you and get pets and love

Some other things she thinks you should know:

~ I have had 2 accidents in my crate in the late afternoon. See, when pups come into rescue like me they get wormer. What can I say, it makes you gotta go. My foster mom thinks these two accidents are just from the wormer since I'm a good girl and keep my crate clean the other 23.75 hours of the day. I'll be done with the wormer before I go home so don't worry :)
~ I need more help learning to walk on a leash. It's new to me and we are working on it but I just get so excited I forget and walk in front of her a lot. I'll get it, it's just new.
~ So far I have not cared a lot for toys but they are new to me. Foster mom has a whole bucket of toys here which I like to look in, I'm just not sure of what to DO with them yet.
~ I like other dogs and I met the resident cat and was fine (she is mean, stay away from her) so guessing I will be fine if you have one too.
~ I am a bit mouthy still and jump up. I'm working on this too. Working hard because these people here say it's not nice to jump and put my mouth on people. I'm still little and learning. I'll get it.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my time her with my foster family but I can't wait to meet my FOREVER family. I'll be hanging out in Nokesville, VA until you find me so hurry up, we have lots of adventures to go on I'm positive.

Chick-O-Stick is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. Chick-O-Stick is currently being fostered in Nokesville, VA.

This dog's bio is based off the experiences of the foster and/or volunteers of OPH as well as any information that we received from the shelter or previous owner. This is very important because it means that while they may act one way in the foster’s home, you may experience something different in your home.