#10620 Ringrone Castle

Medium-size, Female, Adult Terrier,

Hi! My name is Ringrone Castle and I'm part of the Irish Castle themed transport! I'm guessed to be a 2 year old terrier mix and about 28 pounds. I'm a sweet girl who loves getting attention and playing. I really enjoy snuggling in the bed with you, or on the couch, but I also like going for walks, going to the store, car rides and hanging in the backyard. In public, I really want to meet everyone and I want them to awe at my cuteness. I may be small but I love to play and rough house with the big dogs because I think I am one of them, I don't have any fear wrestling my foster sisters who are 20 plus pounds bigger than me, and they are fun playmates. I'm working on my housebreaking and do really well at letting you know when I need to go, as long as I'm let out as needed I don't have accidents. I settle down well in the crate, but I'm working on the crate training part, mostly when left during the day, I can sleep all night in it with no issues (I prefer the bed snuggled up to you though), but when left during the day my concept of time is different and I'm really trying to learn how to not have an accident in it, but I do eventually sleep, play with my toys and things in it. I also really love food and treats, that's they way to my heart! I'm in search of my new family, is that with you? If so apply today! I won't be available for long!

Ringrone Castle is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. Ringrone Castle is currently being fostered in Williamsburg, VA.

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