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#10753 Jelly Bean - The Candy Family

Medium-size, Female, Adult Labrador Retriever,

This sweet mom is absolutely a doll! Jelly Bean is very sweet and caring. She loves attention but can be a little shy. Absolutely loves to sit and soak in the sun. Did I mention she LOVES grass crawling... hahaha - click here to see!

Jelly Bean is doing well on the leash. She is not reactive on the leash. Jelly Bean is coming out of her shell slowly. She's good around other furry animals such as ferrets and guinea pigs and even birds. She shows no interest in them. We are slowly watching this sweet girl blossoming daily.

She is now coming out of her crate on her own and loves to run to the door for some o
outdoor fun. She is now hanging out with the family and playing with the other foster pups. That’s a huge deal for us!!! Yaaaay. She really is the sweetest gal and she loves to sit right by us. She's very submissive around other dogs and so easy going.

She plays very well with her foster friends. She is kind and gentle with my 11 year old daughter. She's extremely quiet and doesn't bother one bit. She loves taking treats and saving them for later. She shows a little interest in toys, she doesn't have a favorite, but will venture and play here and there.

2yrs/45lbs/lab mix

Jelly Bean is a great mommy!!! She is so sweet and gentle with her baby, the family and even having her around the other fosters while she was caring for her baby.
Click here to see her in foster care with her puppy!

Jelly Bean - The Candy Family is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. Jelly Bean - The Candy Family is currently being fostered in Bryans Road, MD.

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