#11978 Carnitas

Trial Adoption
Medium-size, Female, Young Shepherd,
Energy Level 3

Energy Level 3 - Enjoys walks, mental stimulation, and some playtime.

Hi. I am Carnitas, the three legged dog, and I have bunches of love to bring to your home. I’m around 30 lbs, about a year old, and probably a shepherd mix. My rear right leg was amputated due to injury, but I don’t let that slow me down – it just makes me a little clumsy! My fosters call me happy go lucky and sweet, and say that what I lack in grace, I make up for with a beautiful soul.

Here are some pawsome things about me:
- I only have three legs, but get around pretty good!
- I am housebroken and crate trained
- I am such a very playful and happy girl
- I love other dogs but would do best with one(s) that love to play and zoomie like me
- I am pretty chill in the house, but store up my energy for when I get outside, so I'd love to have a home with a fenced yard so I can get my zoomies out
- Babies and toddlers might not be best, since I’m not graceful and can knock them over accidentally
- I love to snuggle and get pets and scritches
- I love to chew so make sure I always have toys and especially antlers available

Because I only have three legs, some things are a little tougher for me. First – I don’t sit. I just fall over when I try that – so it’s either lay down or stand up. Second – Since I’ve only got one back leg, it’s hard to hold myself up on slippery floors – so smooth tile and hardwood floors aren’t my friends because I slide and fall over. Carpet or rough tile are much nicer for my steadiness. Third – Fewer stairs are better. I can get up and down okay, but sometimes lose my balance and fall. So it would be really awesome if you don’t have a bunch of them that I have to climb alot. And lastly – I love outside because I can run unobstructed, so I’d really like a great big fenced yard!

I’m really excited to find a home with people who will love me and take really good care of me. I’ll pay you back with kisses and snuggles!

Carnitas is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. Carnitas is currently being fostered in Parkton, MD.

All adult dogs, cats, and kittens are altered prior to adoption. Puppies too young to be altered at the time of adoption must be brought to our partner vet in Davidsonville, MD for spay or neuter paid for by Operation Paws for Homes by 6 months of age. Adopters may choose to have the procedure done at their own vet before 6 months of age and be reimbursed the amount that the rescue would pay our partner vet in Davidsonville.

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