#13459 Aladdin (The Royals)

Medium-size, Male, Baby Mixed Breed,

Hello everyone! My name is Aladdin, but my foster mom likes to call me "Spunk"! I'm an almost 4month old and 22lb, beautiful mixed breed puppy and foster mom thinks I'm going to be about 50lbs when full grown!

- Energetic
- Goofy
- Confident
- Eager to please
- Super Sweet
- Learning crate training (quiet through the night)
- Starting potty training
- Attempting leash walking

I got my Nickname, Spunk, because I am the most excited puppy ever! I do the cutest tippy taps whenever I see my humans, or food, or a new friend! I love playing with other doggie friends, and flip over to show them my tummy so they know I want to be friends and I'm not a threat! If foster mommy calls my name, I come RUNNING and jump into her lap for some love! Belly rubs and kisses are my favorite things and I will sit for a solid 60 seconds to get them before running off to get into shenanigans. I am so fun and goofy that foster mom can't help but smile and laugh when I do anything! I don't like sitting down much, but if foster mom gives me a chewy I'll happily sit near you and chew on my bone, until it's gone.

I'm just a baby, so everything is new to me! I'm officially out of puppy quarantine, so it's time to start learning some basics about potty and crate training. I hope my forever family will continue with my training and teaching me how to be the best boy.

Aladdin (The Royals) Aladdin (The Royals) is currently being fostered in Sykesville, MD.

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