#13736 Kanga - Winnie the Pooh Litter

Medium-size, Female, Baby Hound x Mixed Breed,
Energy Level 3

Energy Level 3 - Enjoys walks, mental stimulation, and some playtime.

🐾 Meet Kanga: Your Energetic and Playful Companion

Name: Kanga

Age: 4 months

Breed: Hound Mix

Weight: 20 lbs (Estimated full-grown weight: 50 lbs)

Say hello to Kanga, a vibrant and lively 4-month-old hound mix who's ready to hop into your life and bring endless joy and companionship. This little bundle of energy is full of life and ready to find her forever home.

Kanga is bursting with enthusiasm and has a playful spirit that will brighten even the gloomiest of days. Her love for crinkle toys and playing with other dogs showcases her fun-loving and social nature. She's a curious and adventurous pup who’s always eager to explore and enjoy new experiences.

Behavior and Training:
Kanga has mastered both house training and crate training, making her a fantastic addition to any home. While she's working on her jumpiness, she is easily redirected and shows great progress. Currently, she is learning the "sit" command and is picking it up very quickly, demonstrating her eagerness to learn and please.

Ideal Home:
Kanga would thrive in a home where she can get lots of love, attention, and playtime. She gets along wonderfully with other dogs and would love a furry friend to romp around with. A family who enjoys an active lifestyle and can provide her with the mental and physical stimulation she needs would be perfect for her.

How to Adopt:
If you're ready to welcome Kanga into your heart and home, don’t hesitate to apply today!

Kanga - Winnie the Pooh Litter Kanga - Winnie the Pooh Litter is currently being fostered in Glen Burnie, MD.

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