#13786 Blossom (Spring has Sprung Litter)

Medium-size, Female, Young Mixed Breed,

🌸 Meet Blossom: The Perfect Mix of Shy and Spirited

Name: Blossom

Age: 6 months

Breed: Mixed Breed

Current Size: 30-35 lbs

Estimated Adult Size: 70 lbs

Blossom stands as a beautiful blend of gentle shyness and a quietly effervescent spirit. At 6 months old and weighing between 30-35 lbs, she's on her way to becoming a stunningly spirited companion, offering the best of both worlds. She has inherited the soft, long coat that promises snuggle sessions and warmth, symbolizing her readiness to bloom into a loyal and loving friend.

Blossom embodies the warmth and promise of spring—a time of new beginnings and gentle growth. She finds herself in the middle ground between her siblings' shyness and bubbliness, making her uniquely adaptable to various environments and situations. Her personality is a canvas painted with the light strokes of caution and the vibrant colors of curiosity and playfulness.

Adaptation and Socialization:
New environments and faces may initially bring out Blossom's reserved side, but her inherent curiosity and zest for life quickly take over, revealing a playful, affectionate side. She is learning the ropes of indoor living, showing great promise with her crate training and house manners. Blossom is proving that with a bit of patience and encouragement, she can adjust beautifully to the comforts of home life.

Ideal Home:
Blossom will thrive in a home that can offer her:

-A patient and loving environment that understands her need for a gentle introduction to new experiences.
-Opportunities to explore her surroundings at her own pace, allowing her bubbly side to emerge naturally.
-A balance of quiet companionship and engaging play that caters to her mid-spectrum temperament.

How to Adopt:
If you're enchanted by the delicate balance of Blossom's personality and feel ready to provide her with a nurturing, forever home, please apply today! Let's turn this budding relationship into a beautiful, lifelong blossom.

Blossom (Spring has Sprung Litter) Blossom (Spring has Sprung Litter) is currently being fostered in Littlestown, PA.

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