#13787 Breeze (Spring has Sprung Litter)

Medium-size, Male, Young Labrador Retriever x Mixed Breed,

🍃 Meet Breeze: A Whisper of Love Waiting to be Heard

Name: Breeze

Age: 6 months

Breed: Mixed Breed

Current Size: 30-35 lbs

Estimated Adult Size: ~70 lbs

Breeze, a tenderhearted 6-month-old mixed breed, is like a soft whisper in the bustling world, shyest among his siblings but with a heart as vast and gentle as the sky. Weighing in at 30-35 lbs, this sweet soul is on a quiet journey toward what we believe will be a loving, full-sized 70 lbs of pure affection.

Breeze's heart beats with a gentleness that's rare and profound, yet his shy nature cloaks the boundless love he has to offer. Every day, we see glimmers of his willingness to trust, a testament to the gentle heart that beats beneath his soft, shy exterior. His journey is one of quiet steps and whispered hopes, each day a step closer to revealing his true, loving self.

With eyes that mirror the depth of his gentle soul and a coat as soft as the breeze for which he's named, Breeze is the embodiment of calm and serenity. His every movement is a study in grace and the promise of the loyal companion he's destined to become.

Learning and Development:
Breeze is learning the world is a place of kindness, though his steps are tentative and require patience and understanding. He is discovering the safety of his crate and the simple joys of life inside a loving home, with each new day bringing him closer to understanding that humans can indeed mean safety and love.

Looking for:
Breeze's forever home is one filled with patience, gentle words, and soft, encouraging hands. He will flourish with a family that:

-Understands the power of patience and the beauty of quiet growth.
-Provides a tranquil environment where trust can be built at Breeze's own pace.
-Values the gentle moments of connection and the silent language of love.
-Is committed to gently guiding him out of his shell with love, training, and socialization.

How to Adopt:
If you feel a connection to Breeze's gentle soul and are willing to walk beside him on his journey to confidence, please apply today! Let's give him the calm, loving forever home he deserves.

Breeze (Spring has Sprung Litter) Breeze (Spring has Sprung Litter) is currently being fostered in Littlestown, PA.

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