#13963 Cardi

Adoption Pending
Medium-size, Female, Young Mixed Breed,
Energy Level 1

Energy Level 1 - Is it time for a nap yet? Prefers naps over walks.

Hello Everyone! My name is Cardi. If you are looking for a pocket Doberman, I may be just right for you. I am black and tan, and built like a Doberman, but much, much smaller. I am not rough and tumble -- I like to be petted and cuddled, to play with stuffed squeaky toys, and to hang out on soft beds. Hope to see you soon! Love, Cardi.

Miss Cardi appears to be a Miniature Pinscher mix. She is estimated to be eight months old and weighs just under 30 pounds.

Personality & Behavior:

-Sweet, cheerful girl
-Friendly and affectionate; loves to snuggle
-Low prey drive -- zero interest in squirrels
-Gentle and quiet
-Rarely jumps up or attempts to "countersurf"; responds immediately to gentle correction
-Loves to play with soft squeaky toys

Training & Socialization:

-Walks well on a leash
-Enjoys meeting new people and socializing
-Has been fine when left loose in one room for a half day
-Enters her crate on the command "crate" and remains confined in there for short periods after meals.
-Rides well in the car.

Cardi has now accompanied foster mom to work a couple of times. She was calm during the commute, navigated the big scary doors and the stairwell with ease, and had a good time visiting with all of foster mom's colleagues. She spent most of the day napping or playing quietly with her toys and did not have a single potty accident. Good job Cardi!

Cardi Cardi is currently being fostered in Doswell, VA.

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