#2716 Emma/Momma Flintstone

Large-size, Female, Senior Foxhound x Pointer,
Emma/Momma Flintstone is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Emma/Momma Flintstone is currently being fostered in Hanover , PA.

Meet sweetheart Emma! She is a beautiful 7 year old Foxhound/Pointer Mix who is doing a great job slimming down.

Emma's happy time is running with a ball. Watch this "young" senior outside playing by clicking here!

Emma LOVES all people! She is always very happy to greet people but is very strong and needs her person to remind her of her manners and size.
- Loves being with people
- Loves being involved with household living
- Enjoys dogs to hang and walk with
- LOVES toys to toss, catch, jump on
- Loves lots of belly, back, head rubs
- Listens to commands well
- Leash walks well with specific collar type
- Enjoys lying around as much as being out and active
- House broken as long as she doesn't have to hold it for long periods of time

Emma's ideal adopter would enjoy playing ball with her and taking walks daily. She will need her person, family to be the leader so she doesn't get pushy, she is a true gem. Understanding her language and using the tools that work will be all she needs to be a terrific house dog!! She has anxiety to thunder storms, gunshots, fireworks.
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