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#5095 Rowlf

Medium-size, Male, Adult Labrador Retriever x Doberman Pinscher,
Rowlf is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. He is best in a home without cats and is best in a home without small children. Rowlf is currently being fostered in Charlotte Hall, MD.

Rowlf is 2 1/2 years old and he weighs about 64 lbs. Check out his adoption video here . You can also see playing with OPH's Dubble Bubble here !

We know his mother is part Labrador Retriever. We believe he's also part Doberman. But, there is probably some hound in there, too. He’s a great mix of some fabulous breeds!

Rowlf was adopted out as a puppy to train as a therapy dog. Alas, like many dogs, he had a different skill set not meant for therapy work. OPH wants to be 100% sure we find the perfect forever home now.
Friendly with people he's met with his foster family in the home and on the go. He has lots of energy and gets easily excited but can be shown how nice it is to be lazy sometimes.

He is super smart and knows basic commands. He’s learning heel and doing well. Rowlf rides nicely in the car and follows direction well in public. He is housebroken and settles into his crate nicely. He has been very respectful of household rules and has controlled himself well around counter tops and is easily re-directed from the furniture.
Rowlf LOVES treats which makes training super fun for him.
He has a couple of best friends in the canine world. Rowlf loves to play but he doesn't always know when to stop playing so he will need a play partner who can give him good signals.

Rowlf has a strong prey drive towards cats and will need a home without them. That said, with a good handler on the leash he has walked by cats and donkeys, and sniffed noses with horses without an issue during walks. In the yard, as long as the critters stay on the other side of the fence he is happy to leave them alone. Rowlf is a handsome boy looking for his forever family to give his love to.

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