#7303 Luka

Medium-size, Male, Adult Shepherd,
Luka is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. He is best in a home without cats and is best in a home without small children. Luka is currently being fostered in Columbia, MD.

Hello! Meet Luka! He's a handsome 2 year young, medium sized boy at approximately 42 pounds and appears to be a Shepherd mix. He is quite a looker with his amazing signature curly tail and brilliant smile. Luka can run like the wind chasing the ball down and bringing it back (as you can see by clicking here). If you can launch a tennis ball, you and Luka may be match. Luka could also be a great hiking/running companion for a calm and confident handler. Besides being handsome, Luka is very smart, housebroken, and is obedient to his trainer's cues for recall. Luka is playful, enjoys tug of war, and would great for other structured doggie activities that he could enjoy with his adopter,

Luka's forever home needs are simple - a large fenced yard to run, play time and an EXPERIENCED handler. Luka's adopter would understand that reinforcing the training keep the dog/owner relationship successful. Luka is a loyal boy who attaches to and is protective of his handler. In turn, Luka needs an owner who has his back, who will also be his loyal protector, keeping Luka's environment managed to keep him his best sweet, smart self. The right match for Luka would be willing to help him acclimate to his new family slowly. Luka would also be a good match for someone employed as a dog trainer This happy boy has a whole lotta love to give.

As for children, well they can be scary so Luka would do best in a home without them. As for other dogs, Luka is his best self with dogs who are balanced. Otherwise, Luka is quite happy to be your only dog. His trainer says he's a good boy and loves people! Luka is eligible for a trial adoption because we know what a special and dersving boy he is. This is intended to give adopters the chance to get to know this wonderful dog at a more relaxed pace. Are you the right family for Luka? Apply today.