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#2183 Veto Garfield

Medium-size, Male, Adult Beagle,
Veto Garfield is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Veto Garfield is currently being fostered in Oakton, VA.

Hi! My name is Veto Garfield and I came to OPH as part of the Presidential themed transport. I’m a 5-year old boy and I'm mostly a beagle. I only weigh about 22 pounds!

I'm working on my manners in my foster home. You can see how I am doing there by clicking here and here!

I'm quiet in my crate unless I'm hungry and I'm trying not having accidents in there. I know I can do it because I don't have accidents anywhere else in the house! I really love being outside and exploring, and I'm a beagle, so I also like to sniff! My leash walking needs a little work (I get distracted by all of the things to sniff!), but with a little training and practice, I know I can get better at it. As far as barking...well, when I do it's pretty big, but so far I don't really bark much.

I've gotten along well with of most dogs I have met while in my foster home. I don't really have to play with them; I'm happy just being nearby and maybe sniffing around a bit. Sniffing and smelling is so fun! Sometimes I smell something interesting and then I want to chase it! Speaking of chasing, there are no cats in my foster home so I don't really know how I feel about them.

I really like people and can't wait to find my own. I'm sweet and adorable and I like attention. What more could you ask for?! Apply to adopt me today because I won’t be available long!

This dog tested positive for heartworm disease before arriving to the rescue. Heartworm disease is transmitted to a dog through a bite from an infected mosquito producing a positive test in six months. OPH will treat the dog and provide two weeks of recovery time prior to adoption. Potential adopters will receive detailed information on the disease and their role in completing the recovery process from OPH’s heartworm coordinator. With monthly preventatives, the disease is completely preventable.

Read more about heartworm disease here here.