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#2021 Teela

Medium-size, Female, Adult Beagle,
Teela is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. She is a special needs dog and is best in a home without cats. Teela is currently being fostered in Windsor, PA.

Hi! My name is Teela and I am a rare gem! You can see how majestic and graceful I am in the snow (hehe) by clicking here!

I am guessed to be a 2 year old female Beagle mix. I currently weigh around 30lbs. I’m a beautiful, loving, sweet dog, with a great sniffer.

I'm noted on my profile that I am a special needs dog, even though my foster family has not needed to do anything more than usual for me. The reason that I am marked this way is actually because of my cool-looking, cloudy eye. I may not be able to see as well out of that eye, when compared to my other eye... but, my foster family all agrees that I'm just all together a special dog. There has been nothing (at all) that has set me apart from any other dogs, besides my amazing personality. I keep up with the best of them.

I am a little shy at first, but once trust is built, I will snuggle you up... I love affection! I'm currently living with my foster family, which consists of my human foster mom, human dad, and human 8 year old brother. I also have two larger, doggy foster siblings, that I love and really enjoy playing with! Click here to see me playing with them.

I'm playful, but I also like to relax. I enjoy exploring all of the new sights and smells. I also like chilling in my crate, too. I even go in there sometimes, just to relax.
I am crate trained and am mostly house trained, in my foster's home. I have been going to the door and barking, when I have to go outside. I am very eager to learn. I know when I am called, I know what crate means and I love when I hear the word treat. I love people, kids, dogs, belly rubs and laps... just ask my foster family. I'm an absolute sweety! I'm just looking for love and care, in a forever home. Could that be your home? Could I become a part of your family?

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