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#2054 Teddy Graham

Large-size, Male, Adult Rottweiler x Shepherd,
Teddy Graham is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Teddy Graham is currently being fostered in Cockeysville, MD.

Do you like sloppy wet kisses, low IQs and aggressive snuggling?? If so, Teddy is the pup for you! He is 80lbs of love and is thought to be a german shepherd mixed with Rottweiler. Teddy is about 3 years old, neutered, microchipped and up to date on shots.

Teddy does not have a mean bone in his body! He is being fostered in a home with 3 resident dogs, two cats and 2 human children (7 & 8 years old). He is a delight! Teddy loves to play with the other dogs when he is out in the foster family's fenced yard. However, when he is inside, he only has eyes for the humans of the house! He wants to be wherever the people are and is the truest example of a velcro dog. Teddy has come face to face with the cats on several occasions and is not really bothered by them. He did sniff one cat in a way that was not appreciated by the cat. As soon as he was corrected, he never did it again. Big Ted is a people pleaser. He knows "Sit," comes when called and will absolutely listen when corrected.

Teddy has the most beautiful eyes and can melt the heart of anyone in his path! That is probably how he was able to get folks to feed him so many treats and get as big as he is. Teddy is what we call a "girthy" boy. He looks more like a loaf of bread when looking down on his body than a dog with definition. What I am saying is that Ted could stand to lose some weight. Less processed treats and more carrots, things like that.

Teddy is not a huge fan of the crate. He sleeps in one at night with no problem but does not like to be in a crate when you leave the house. He has not broken out of the crate but will make noise. Despite not liking the crate, he goes in with a treat thrown to the back of it every time. Like I said, low IQ. However, you don't adopt a dog to do higher math!

What Teddy lacks in intelligence, he makes up with the love and devotion that he gives to his people. He will be a great addition to the life of whomever adopts him!

Teddy is being fostered in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Fill out an application for this love bug today!