#1901 Caliente

Medium-size, Female, Adult Shepherd,
Caliente is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Caliente is currently being fostered in Dallastown, PA.

Caliente is a precious 45lb German Shepherd mix girl who is 2-3 years old. She has beautiful black and tan coat and alert eyes- she is very observant. She can be a little shy at first, but a sweet girl who enjoys people, families and walks - she does a love a walk. She is a medium energy girl that enjoys a good cuddle and rest, and is always up for a walk when you are.


- is above all sweet and loyal
- is close to potty trained - she has had a few accidents in her foster home but overall seems to know that she should go outside to potty. Change is usually a challenge for any dog, and she will get it all figured out soon.
- is sleeping in her crate at night - she goes in with a little nudge
- is great on a leash and loves her walks - she gets so excited for a walk but gets very excited when you get the leash and jumps up so we are working on that. She only jumps up when she is excited.
- has great house manner - stays off counters and tables
- has no interest in barking - such a sweet
- plays well with other dogs and doesn't seem to have interest in chasing squirrels or small animals
- has not met cats that we know of, so she would need to be introduced slowly to them
- has show that she may have some separation anxiety and her foster home is working on helping with her confidence
- would do best in a home where she is not home alone a lot - she loves her people.