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#1895 Hartly

Medium-size, Female, Adult Hound x Shiba Inu,
Hartly is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Hartly is currently being fostered in Herndon, VA.

Hartly is a 1-2 year old hound- Shiba Inu mix weighing in at a very slim 25 lbs. She is enjoying the good life in her foster home and her healthy weight should likely be closer to 30lbs. She is a small girl, with a big girl personality and a face to match. How could you pass up squishing those adorable cheeks each time she walks by. Her foster momma says she looks like a fox with her gorgeous colors and pretty eyes. She is a low energy girl that likes to cuddle and nap between her walks - a great balance off fun and rest. She is super sweet, and loves to prod your hand to get a pet or climb into your lap for a belly run. Irresistible is what her foster mom says.


- is likely closer to 2 years old - she has passed the puppy energy stage, and love to lay and relax all day. She is living the life we dream of.
- is housebroken in her foster home - she had a couple of accidents on the first day, but has been a star pupil since then. She is one smart girl.
- is working on loving a crate. She will go into the crate with guidance, and will whine for a while. She is getting better with time.
- loves her walks, just loves them. She gets so excited she walks in circles around her foster and checks back every few steps as if to say - are we really walking? is this all mine? is life this good? She had the potential to be great on a leash with continued guidance and training. Right now she walks with a martingale collar and a six ft leash and is mastering new skill levels daily.
- loves to be petted and will gently put her paw on you to get petted or to get you to continue if you lose focus. She doesn't jump on people at all.
- likes to express herself through whining at times - so much better than barking. She is not a barker, but she does vocalize when she doesn't like something or wants a change. That is likely to reduce naturally as she settles into a new environment.
- hasn't shown much interest in playing with dogs that she has met so far and she doesn't seem to have a prey drive that is noticeable - no squirrel chasing for this girl when there is a world to sniff or a couch to lie on.
- has not be exposed to cats but likely would do well in a home with cats with proper introductions and boundaries.
- would do well in a home with children that would like to teach her to play with toys, and cuddle with her on the couch.