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#1522 Epic

Small-size, Male, Adult Chihuahua x Spaniel,
Epic is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Epic is currently being fostered in Hanover, PA.

Hello there! My name is Epic, and I am a sweet and handsome southern gentlemen, looking for a family to call my own.

I am guessed to be chihuahua, terrier, and spaniel mix. I am about 5 years old, have medium to low energy level and I weigh 16 lbs. I'm happy to play with other dogs or just snooze on the sofa. Under my foster mom's supervision I’ve learned how to be a good canine citizen. I walk well on the leash in my brand new collar, but am more comfortable in the harness. My foster mom has deemed me officially potty trained in her house and she is so proud of me! I value good company but do okay alone. I love being loose in the house, but I also do fine when I need to be in a crate. When I first arrived from the shelter I was very vocal about many things. I've learned to use my voice to communicate better and now I only speak up when I need something - like to go potty in the morning. I love the children I’ve met and I travel really well! I’ve been camping and hiking would be great companion for any family. I will snuggle with you anywhere including a hammock! Don’t let my white face fool you, I have lots of life and love left to give!!

I love making new friends, people and dogs alike. Please apply to be my new BFF - I can not wait to meet you!

This dog's bio is based off the experiences of the foster and/or volunteers of OPH as well as any information that we received from the shelter or previous owner. This is very important because it means that while they may act one way in the foster’s home, you may experience something different in your home.