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#1595 Thelma (Road Trip mom)

Medium-size, Female, Adult Labrador Retriever,
Thelma (Road Trip mom) is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Thelma (Road Trip mom) is currently being fostered in New Freedom, PA.

This is one dreamboat of a dog. She loves EVERYONE she meets - women, men, children, and other dogs. She is a gentle, friendly soul who has the perfect stats - just under 40 pounds and a year old. Plus, she's simply gorgeous with a short chocolate-colored coat that sparkles in the sunshine and adorable white mittens on all her feet and a pretty face. She will love going with you to the dog park or the pet store, or pretty much anywhere.

Thelma would make an excellent 'mother's helper' who would teach children not to leave their shoes lying about or their belongings out of place. She does like to chew, so her foster is guessing there is some beagle in her heritage. She is a quiet dog who does not bark at the door. She needs an ample supply of chew toys and is learning to sit and lie down for a treat. In her current foster home, she plays very well with all the other dogs and is crate-trained. She does well on a leash and enjoys long walks/hikes. She is a sweet, gentle, loving girl who is happiest by your side.

You can learn more about Thelma and see more pictures on her foster mama's blog,

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