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#1055 Mia Desi Dog

Medium-size, Female, Young Labrador Retriever x Whippet,
Mia Desi Dog is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Mia Desi Dog is currently being fostered in Union Bridge, MD.

Say hello to Mia, a nine-month-old, 30-pound female Desi dog (a local term for “street dog”) from India. Mia has quite a rescue story – her mom, Furry, was living on the streets of New Delhi with Mia and her three siblings when they were very young, but their mother was unable to feed them due to illness. Mom and pups were taken into Kannan Animal Welfare, a rescue group in New Delhi, and brought back to health. Furry has already been adopted here in the US, and now Mia is the first of her puppies to come in search of a home!

Because Mia grew up in a rescue facility, life in a home is very new for her. That being said, there’s plenty about it she loves! Walks, couches, grassy open spaces, and toys (even sticks will do!), have all been big hits. When Mia is comfortable she is a funny, happy, and athletic girl who’s happy to spend a few minutes wrestling or racing with the other dogs in her foster home, and then a few more minutes snuggling with her foster mom.

Mia thrives on routine and attaches very deeply to her household members. Although she would benefit from ongoing exposure to new situations and people, she would probably be happiest in a low-key household with one or two people, who can help her develop a sense of security and confidence. Those people will find in Mia a dog who is endlessly entertaining, unbelievably charming, and absolutely devoted!

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