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#8363 Zekke

Medium-size, Male, Young Husky x Shepherd,
Zekke is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. He is best in a home without small children. Zekke is currently being fostered in Nokesville, VA.

Look into my will be hypnotized by my charm!

Hello, my name is Zekke! I am seven months old and estimated to be a husky/white shepherd mix. I arrived at my foster family’s house after a super fun flight all the way from NC. Have you been on a plane ride? It was sure fun.

I've been hanging out with my foster family for a few weeks now and while its fun here, I would sure like to find my forever family as well. Below are some fun things my family wants you to know about me.

- I am crate trained. I’m quiet in my crate and sleep the night away and know to keep it nice and tidy with my toys. Can't ask for more than that can you?
- I have kept my crate clean and dry. (If I bark in my crate its because I have to go out)
- I appear to be housebroken but foster Mom says accidents can happen in a new environment. Don't worry, we will both be learning when I come home with you but we will both quickly know how to talk to each other.
- I’ve just about mastered this whole leash walking thing. It was brand new to me when I arrived but I like to take walks so I'm learning how to walk like a good boy mom says. I still get excited sometimes and get tangled in foster mom's legs but we are working through it. *** UPDATE *** Zekke has this down. Has recently been out on a busy street and was perfect on the leash with his foster family and with others.
- I’m learning other fun things too. I LOVE treats so teaching me things is pretty easy. I’ve mastered “sit” & “lay down” and am trying REALLY HARD on stay (that one is tough, I like to be with mom when we are outside (she hides cookies in her pockets for me, how can I resist that))
- I appear to be a “roll with the punches” type of pup. I’ve liked everyone, 2 and 4 legged that I’ve met so far.
- Foster Mom says I am one of the easiest fosters they have had. I am quiet, keep the place clean and follow the rules. I think she likes me. :)
- I would do best in a home with older kids (over 12) until I settle down a bit more. I’m pretty mouthy still, just like most teenagers. I am working on keeping this under control and am getting better each day. These foster family people don't take any back talk from me about this, they are tough. Mom says my forever people will have to continue to be tough and remind me about this until I fully outgrow it. *** UPDATE ***: Zekke has really gotten this under control. He has recently met children as young as 1 and did really well with them. He seems to understand they are small and to be gentle with them. *** Good News **** Zekke and foster mom spent a bit of time at a trainer this weekend for her to get more tips to pass on to you. His thoughts, Zekke knows not to be mouthy, he just needs reminding occasionally, just like a teenager. :)
- I would be a great hiking or running partner with a little training. Mom & I are doing a bit of running and I LOVE IT! The foster kids started school so we have been super busy and unable to hike but we have talked about it and I'm pretty sure I would like that as well. I love to be busy.
- TOYS! I have discovered TOYS and love them. I am getting pretty good with fetch (I will bring the ball back most of the time, sometimes I get distracted) and love soft toys that make noise. Foster mom told me not to destroy them and I'm doing really good with it. I really am enjoying the toy box here. I like to take one outside each time we go. Silly foster mom picks them all up and brings back inside at bedtime every night for me to start again in the morning.
- I met cats, chickens, turkeys and pigs and am happy to report that I did not bother any of them or care about them.
- two new things we have discovered this week. I like to swim and I liked being in Arlington for an event.
- I am super dog friendly. Honestly, I have not met another dog that I have not gotten along with.

Do you like my new pictures? I went to an event and there was a nice guy named Drew there who took them. I think I look pretty handsome (even if it was 100 degrees that day...whew!)

Anyway, I’ll be hanging out in Nokesville, VA. I am able to go home with you as soon as you are approved to adopt. My foster family says someone is going to be very lucky to have me. ❤️

This dog's bio is based off the experiences of the foster and/or volunteers of OPH as well as any information that we received from the shelter or previous owner. This is very important because it means that while they may act one way in the foster’s home, you may experience something different in your home.