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#8446 James Bond

Medium-size, Male, Adult Chocolate Labrador Retriever,
James Bond is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. James Bond is currently being fostered in Cockeysville, MD.

Ball obsessed and HAPPY! James Bond, or "JB," as his foster family calls him is a male chocolate lab mix that is thought to be about 6 years young. JB is a smaller lab and only weighs about 45 lbs.

JB has the typical happy lab personality but definitely has a ball obsession. He could play for hours and even tosses the ball in the air to himself when no one else will play. When the people get annoyed by the ball, it stays outside and all is well.

When in the house, JB wants to be wherever his people are. He has a happy tail that makes his whole body smile. JB is also very smart! He comes when his name is called, is potty trained, knows "sit, "drop it," and "paw." He happily goes in his crate for a treat and will be quiet.

JB is being fostered in a home with three other dogs and two human children, ages 7 and 9. He plays well with the other dogs but would prefer to be the only one chasing his ball. As for the kids, JB is gentle and sweet.

JB would do well in almost any home as long as he was able to get daily exercise and off leash time for his favorite activity - fetching the ball.

JB is up to date on his vaccines, neutered and ready to go to his forever home! He is being fostered in Cockeysville, MD.

This dog's bio is based off the experiences of the foster and/or volunteers of OPH as well as any information that we received from the shelter or previous owner. This is very important because it means that while they may act one way in the foster’s home, you may experience something different in your home.