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#8529 Balenciaga

Small-size, Male, Adult Pug,
Balenciaga is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Balenciaga is currently being fostered in New Market , MD.

Hi! My name is Balenciaga.....but my foster mom calls me Danny! I am guessed to be a Pug mix, 4 years old and around 25 lbs. I am a sweet boy and very loyal to my foster mom....I follow her around and want to be wherever she is. I am my best in a quiet, relaxed home.

I am coming out of my shell more every day but all this change has been a little tough on she is my safety zone and I stay nearby. I have met my foster mom’s 3 pups all small like me and get along with them fine following appropriate introductions, as you can see by clicking here.

I love sitting on the sofa with my foster mom and sleeping in her bed when I am allowed.

In my foster mom’s home.....
1. I am crate trained and potty trained. No accidents. And I am good overnight out of the crate....happy sleeping with my foster mom.
2 I am learning to walk on a leash....I am a little hesitant as this is new to me. I am getting more comfortable walking outside but love exploring the backyard.
3. I am very good about going out and quickly doing my business.
4. I eat heartily and am food motivated.
5. I am not a great fan of the crate as I love being with my foster mom has trusted me out of the crate for up to four hours and I have been a perfect gentleman.
6. I am ok with men but LOVE women. I am ok with older kids who respect my space but I get nervous with the quick movements of small kids.
7. I seem to be good with other small dogs but larger dogs seem to intimidate me.

Hurry because I won’t be available for long!

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