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#8724 Kipper (Essex Pups)

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Large-size, Male, Baby Labrador Retriever,
Kipper (Essex Pups) is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Kipper (Essex Pups) is currently being fostered in Nokesville, VA.

Hi there!

I'm Kipper of the Essex pups. I had a bit of a rough start in life as I was running loose with my brother. I was pretty people shy because of this but now I’m working REALLY hard to overcome that and be a family dog. I have been with my foster family for almost 3 weeks now getting happy and healthy and now I’m ready to look for my OWN family. One that knows I'm still a little shy but getting braver every single day.

My brother and I are all wearing collars now. Foster Mom says "Puppy Boot Camp" has started. Since I'm about 5 months old now she says that means crate training and leash walking practice. It's been fun learning to walk outside on the leash, my foster parents are super proud of how excellent I am doing. Matter of fact, I'm the leader of the pack they say in this. I've mastered the steps, go potty outside and get cookies for doing good with my Boot Camp training. Oh, I am pad trained but now my foster mom she says I have to learn to go potty outside again all the time. LOL Silly foster mom, I already knew that before I found myself in the shelter in Essex. I'll have that down super fast. I do pretty much have down my crate training now. I sleep all night by myself and I have been keeping my crate nice and clean. Foster Mom is pretty proud of me.

You will see other pups in the Essex litter. We were all running together but not of the same litter. My brother Chad and I are older than the other 3. Foster mom says she thinks I'm going to be a big pup. I weigh 18 pounds now. Likely large size when full grown she says because my feet are on the big size. We shall see. :)

I'm ready to find my family, are you ready to be my family? If so, apply today!

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