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#8819 Crossfit

Medium-size, Female, Adult Labrador Retriever,
Crossfit is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Crossfit is currently being fostered in Darnestown , MD.

Meet Crossfit, part of the Fitness Themed transport! She is guessed to be a black lab mix and is about 1-2 years old. She is a very sweet girl and currently weighs about 50 lbs. Here are some things to know about CrossFit (we call her Sadie):
-VERY sweet and affectionate
- she is very playful and loves her toys
- great with the twin 9-year-old girls in the house
-has shown no aggression whatsoever
- medium energy-likes her playtime and nap time
- enjoys playing with the other dog in the house
- ignores the cat she sees behind a gate
- she hasn’t had a single accident in the house

Overall, CrossFit/Sadie is a wonderful pup who will make a great addition to any family. She doesn’t seem the type that would enjoy apartment living or being left alone all day in a crate. She sits on command, comes with a whistle and lets you know when she needs to go outside. She should be easy to train on any other behaviors. And once she completes her heartworm treatment, she will as good as new!

This dog tested positive for heartworm disease before arriving to the rescue. The disease was treated while in foster care. Heartworm disease is transmitted to a dog through a bite from an infected mosquito. With monthly preventatives, the disease is completely preventable. Read about heartworm disease here: Read more about heartworm disease here here

This dog's bio is based off the experiences of the foster and/or volunteers of OPH as well as any information that we received from the shelter or previous owner. This is very important because it means that while they may act one way in the foster’s home, you may experience something different in your home.