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#8838 Plank

Medium-size, Female, Adult Hound,
Plank is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Plank is currently being fostered in Bowie, MD.

Hey there!! 🐾 My name is Plank (aka Momma) and I arrived at OPH on 1/31/20, as part of the last fitness transport in January 💪🏻 My puppies (Hanz & Franz) came to OPH a few weeks before that, and have already been adopted, so now it’s my turn 🤗 I made my way north in search of my forever family! If you think that’s with you, please apply today! I won’t be available for long...

I’m guessed to be a hound mix, but my foster mom did a little research and thinks I might be a Black Mouth Cur mix, more specifically (’s a hound dog breed. I’m estimated to be about 6 years old. I still have a good amount of energy for my age! I love to play, and I’m glad I have furry foster siblings to run around with! I can entertain myself too though - I throw my dog toys up in the air, then chase them around (it always makes my foster mom laugh) 🤣 My favorite toys are nylabones, but anything I can chew on works for me! I should tell you that I only chew on my dog toys, never any human-only items...I’m a good girl like that 😉 I’m house-trained and crate-trained, and go in my crate no problem when my foster mom goes to work...I even sleep in my crate 😴

I currently weigh about 35 lbs, so I’m a pint-sized package! I have a pretty solid build, and I’m a bit of a low-rider with my shorter legs. I have the cutest nub for a tail (there is literally almost nothing there), and my entire body wiggles when I get excited 😊 I do a lot of wiggling, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky!!

I’m a sweet girl, and have liked everyone I’ve met so far, but sometimes I take a little longer to warm up to people (dogs are no problem) 🐶 At a yoga fundraiser on the 9th, I was licking faces and sharing mats before you knew it (check out the pictures on my profile) 😁 At an adoption event on the 16th, I was quicker to go up to people to say hi 👋🏻...maybe because most of them had dogs. At an adoption event on the 22nd, I was even more comfortable with meeting new people!! I’m getting better 🎉

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