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#8904 Owlette (PJ Masks)

Medium-size, Female, Young Terrier,
Owlette (PJ Masks) is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Owlette (PJ Masks) is currently being fostered in Rockville, MD.

My name is Owlette AKA Birdie. I am 6 months old and weigh about 45 lbs.

- housebroken
- will happily go into her crate when you say ‘kennel’ and give her a treat. She often barks for a few minutes once she’s in but will then settle and go to sleep.
- knows sit, stay, paw, kennel, and off well; she knows but is not as consistent with down, come, and quiet. She is a bit stubborn so takes a while for her to be consistent with commands but she is treat motivated. At feeding time we also say ‘stay’ before putting her food down and make her wait until we say ‘okay’ to eat her food. She will also do that with treats we put on the floor for her.
- loves other dogs and is very friendly with those she meets on walks. She likes to wrestle and play with dogs and would do very well in a home that had another dog with high energy that likes to play.
- likes children and is friendly to them but she wants to play and can jump on them.
- has a lot of energy and loves to run, loves walks and exploring, and loves meeting new dogs.
- not a “cuddler” in that even when allowed on the couch with us or when we’re sitting on the floor with her she usually chooses to go off by herself to nap or to play with a chew toy.
- loves chew toys, bones and rawhides.
- loves long walks and hikes and being outside but she does not like to be alone outside (i.e. in the backyard by herself) for very long.

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