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#9181 Petunia (Spring Flower Pups)

Medium-size, Female, Young Terrier,
Petunia (Spring Flower Pups) is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. She has special needs. Petunia (Spring Flower Pups) is currently being fostered in Nokesville, VA.

Well Hello there!

I'm Petunia or 'Tunia as my foster family calls me. I'm a super special pup who came to OPH on a flight when I was just 2 weeks old. I'm now 18 weeks old which is a long time to be in rescue but it was because I have a special leg and the folks at OPH needed to make sure I was okay before I could be adopted. So, I've been hanging out with my foster family learning all kinds of neat things.

Here is a few of those neat things:
~ I am 100% crate trained. I LOVE my crate and understand that it is where I rest when I need it and where to hide if I have something special and don't want to share it.
~ I walk great on a leash.
~ I am mostly potty trained. I'm a growing puppy so I will occasionally have an accident but if you watch me, you will know when I need to go. I give great clues!
~ I am a puppy still but just about over all the naughty puppy nipping. My teeth don't hurt so bad any more.
~ I love other dogs.
~ I'm spayed, fully vaccinated and ready to join you in all kinds of adventures.
~ I love car rides too!

So, back to my leg. I was born with a birth defect in one of my back legs. I went to the Dr. A LOT when I was little and had a cast on my leg for a long time (really only a few weeks but I'm little and it seemed like a long time). I have been cleared by the orthopedic vet to go on about my life like a normal dog just knowing that I do what is called "hopping" when I run (just means that I move my two back legs together) and that I likely won't ever be a long distance running partner. I can use my leg all I want now and the Dr. says unless something drastic changes with it (which he does not see happening at this point) that I will be a great snuggle partner for many years to come and there is nothing to worry about. My foster mom and my Adoption Coordinator can give you more info on my leg too, but don't worry, I'm just a normal puppy. I promise.

My foster family lives in Nokesville, VA. My foster mom can give you the address. Hurry, I'm ready for my forever family!

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