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#9505 Loch Ness

Medium-size, Male, Adult Labrador Retriever,
Loch Ness is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Loch Ness is currently being fostered in Elkridge, MD.

Hi! My name is Loch Ness and I'm part of the Bodies of Water transport that came to OPH 6-12-20! I'm guessed to be a lab mix and I weigh about 50lbs. I am about 2.5 years old.

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I am crate trained and happily go to my crate for chill-out time during the day and at night - I'm happiest if you cover my crate so I can have a man-cave! Even though they say I'm 2.5, I'm still a puppy at heart and learning my puppy manners - probably because I haven't had anyone to love me before. I can go on a leash but I get really excited when I see squirrels and birds. I'm also a bit scared of trucks. I need a bit more practice there but I am a work in progress!

I love people and I get very excited to meet everyone who comes near. I'm still learning that when I'm playing, it's not nice to use my teeth. I'm going to need some extra help not to nip and bite when I play, but I never do it out of anger or aggression. I also really like to jump when I say hello - so I would need some extra training before I could be in a house with small kids (I've knocked over my foster toddler sister a bunch of times and now she just yells "sit down" at me all of the time).

I really love to chew things -- slippers, stuffed animals, toys. They are all so much fun!

I think I would really like a yard to play in to get out my energy.

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