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#9551 Susquehanna River

Medium-size, Female, Adult Shepherd,
Susquehanna River is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Susquehanna River is currently being fostered in Washington , DC.

Hi! My name is Susquehanna River, but my foster parents call me "Hanna Banana." ūüćĆ Hanna Banana fits me perfectly because I am just the sweetest, most happy-go-lucky, energetic girl you will ever meet. I am guessed to be a shepherd mix and and I am about one year old. I weigh 58lbs right now, but I may not be fully grown yet.

From the moment I stepped off of the transport van, I just knew that I was destined for a new life of freedom and I was done with shelters forever. This made me so excited! I just want to soak everything in - every new sound and sight! I get along very well with other dogs and people. In fact, I want to greet everyone I meet on my walks. Because I get so excited and just want to play, I tend to pull on my leash. I am still a puppy and I have a lot of energy, but with consistent training, structure, and love, I will learn to be a fantastic pet.

I love toys - especially ones that I can chew. And I am learning to play fetch. I also love water and am a very good girl at bath time. If left unbrushed, I do shed quite a bit. (That is typical of my breed.) But with daily brushings, the shedding is more manageable. Plus, I love getting brushed! Right now I am sleeping in a crate at night, but I am a big snuggle bug so my foster mom and I take naps on the couch. I love sleeping on the couch!

I can't wait for you to meet me!

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