#9560 Nautilus (Seashells Litter)

Adoption Pending
Medium-size, Male, Baby Shepherd,
Nautilus (Seashells Litter) is up-to-date on his shots and has not yet been neutered. Nautilus (Seashells Litter) is currently being fostered in Woodbridge, VA.

Hi--I am Nautilus. I am 6.5 weeks old and I was born at my foster mom's home (along with 4 other brothers and sisters). My mom is a shepherd mix and weighs about 40 pounds, I probably won't get quite as big as she is (according to some chart my foster mom looks at).

I'm searching for...
* someone who won't leave me home alone for more than 4 hrs, at least not until I am older. The older I am the more I can stay home alone. I just don't want you to get mad at me if I have accidents or chew things I'm not supposed to when you leave me for too long. I'm a puppy, so I get bored quick and when I'm bored I could get in trouble.
* I need someone who knows how important it is that I don't go to public places until I am at least 14 weeks old. You see, I will only have 2 of my required 3 shots when I go home. So since I am not fully vaccinated yet, I could get sick. My foster mom will explain in more detail if you choose me.
* I am looking for my forever home, not my for right now home. So as I get bigger I need someone to teach me how to be the best dog I can be. My mommy has taught me a lot, but I am young and still learning. You may want to teach me some new tricks like sit, stay, etc. My foster mom says professional training will help me bond with you. That sounds like fun!
* I saved the most important for last. I am hoping my new mom or dad will snuggle with me, play with me and love me forever and ever!

I am currently in Woodbridge, VA and I will be ready to go home on 12 July!

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