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#9582 Angel Falls

Medium-size, Female, Young Labrador Retriever,
Angel Falls is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Angel Falls is currently being fostered in York, PA.

Hi! My name is Angel Falls and I’m part of the Waterfalls transport that arrived to OPH on 6-26-20.

I’m guessed to be a Lab mix and estimated to be about 10 months old. I’m a sweet girl and I currently weigh about 30 lbs.

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My foster family calls me Winn Dixie. I was picked up at Pikesville, MD. I was really scared, and I am still pretty scared. Everything is new and different. When I first arrived, I was crawling not walking, and shaking. It was nice that my foster sister sat in the back of the car with me for the ride home, I was able to fall asleep. There is this huge back yard to run
in, but I was scared so I still just crawled and hid under the shed. I went into my crate for bedtime, I barked about 5 minutes, and my foster mom ask me to quiet down, so I did. We had an early start this morning, 5:30am, had breakfast, went outside, at first I hid under the shed, but later I came out and ran and ran and ran in the back yard. I decided I liked sleeping under my fosters moms desk while she worked, until I found this nice bed in the living room that OPH gave my foster mom. We are headed to the 'bath' place today, wish me luck!!!

I am bathed, pet valu will never be the same, but we all survived. And I am liking these car rides, I just need some encouragement to get in the car. Mom told me to quiet down again last night, I just didn’t like the tv, I listened to mom and got used to the tv. I am slowly coming out of my shell, my foster mom and sister are showing me lots of love and patience. They got me some toys and I really like them.

I did not like the 2 dogs I met while I was on my walks, But I am doing alot better walking, I will sit down to have my harness and leash put on, and then i am ready to go.
I prefer to introduce myself to people instead of having people introduce themselves to me, its scary for me when people walk up to me and I dont know them, I will bark and run away. I think once I feel safe and secure this will change.

I am starting to play with my stuffed Monkey, tossing it around is fun. I think I am learning that mom cant always play with me.

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