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#9625 Centaur

Medium-size, Male, Young Labrador Retriever,
Centaur is up-to-date on his shots and has been neutered. Centaur is currently being fostered in Silver Spring, MD.

Hi! My name is Centaur and I'm part of the Constellations Themed transport coming to OPH 7-10-20!

I'm guessed to be a lab mix and I currently weigh close to about 50 lbs. I'm a sweet boy, and I am about 6.5 months old. I'm very energetic, and I love playing with other dogs. I also love playing with toys, going on long walks, and taking naps afterwards. I'm very friendly with people and I show affection by giving lots of kisses. My owners call me Simba as they think I am very playful, I hop as I run, and love my family just like the Simba in Lion King. My owners have 2 other lab dogs and on day one itself I started playing with my buddies. I'm a momma boy and I always follow my momma where ever she goes.

I learned to use the doggy door and I'm pretty good in taking care of my business in the backyard, but I'm still a puppy and I do have occasional accidents. I'm very curious and I sniff around a lot, you won't see me sit idle for a long time. I have to be trained with basic commands, but I love toys, so I can be easily trained. I'm energetic, but I can be worn out with walks and fetches. I'm good on a leash/harness. My owners are happy that I don't counter surf or reach up on the table when they are eating. In the night I sleep in my crate with a little bit of crying. I sleep from 9.00 PM to 6.00 AM with no accidents. I love to listen to music when I sleep, or when I go on a car ride. I seem to have all the traits of a lab and I probably with be a large sized dog.

I'm currently with my foster parents in Silver Spring, MD in search of my new family. Is that with you? If so apply today! I won't be available for long!

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