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#9679 Nashira

Medium-size, Female, Young Retriever,
Nashira is up-to-date on her shots and has been spayed. Nashira is currently being fostered in Bryans Road, MD.

Little Miss Nashira is super adorable. When we picked her up on transport day she was scared, nervous and didn’t want to walk. We had to carry this sweet girl to our car. She did absolutely great on the ride home. There was no making this poor girl walk, not even with treats! We have shown her so much love and affection that she couldn’t help it but to finally open up and return the love. Now she’s cuddling, playing and loves walking and exploring in and out the house. We are currently working on house training and had just a few accidents.

We are so happy to share that she has now comeout of her shell and loves to get attention and cuddles. Nashira now looks forward to our walks! She is doing pretty good on the leash. She loves to explore the backyard and loves to run around like a mini goofball. Nashira gets along with other dogs once she gets comfortable.
Nashira really loves to talk!!! She will yap about anything and everything. Ha! Yes, she can be pretty vocal at times but will listen to command (Settle down) and will take a break.

Nashira does well in the crate. She will be a little vocal but eventually settles down. She sleeps in the crate through the night. She enjoys treat time and play time. Did I mention she is GREAT with kids!!! Well this little lady would make a great addition to her new family! Is that you??? I hope so.

She is guessed to be a retriever mix and estimated to be about 6 months old and currently weighs about 30 lbs.

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