#9897 Stryker- 9/11 Memorial Dog

Small-size, Male, Adult Terrier,

Hi there! My name is Stryker. I’m thought to be about 1-2 yr. old, Terrier mix., and currently weigh 30lbs.

Although I have had a rough start in life, and I have some quirks, I am a happy boy who likes to spend time inside the house. My quirks are mostly related to anxiety and trust. I am just not sure about people, but I am learning. Because of this learning I take steps forward a lot, but sometimes I have set backs. My set backs are farther and farther apart the more I experience a safe, quiet, understanding home.

I need a home with a fence where I can come in and go outside often, and would do well to have a small canine friend. You can often find me sitting next to my small foster sister keeping watch outside. I prefer to let myself out, but I can work with you letting me out. I do not like noise and prefer a quiet setting sorta far from other people, loud kids, and noises. I do like other dogs, especially ones that are smaller than me. I am a fast runner and love to play chase, and also like my toys.

I am feeling more confident these days, and so when I see my other foster brothers and sisters go for a walk, I want to go. (Click here to see me in action.) I have a crazy system to get my leash on. Basically I like to back up into a corner so no one can come behind me. Then I sit, and let mom put my collar over my head and pet me. That is also when we practice having people touch me.

I have a healthy appetite. I like snacks and will sit sometimes while you give them to me. I know to do my business outside. And I also put myself to bed at night, either in a crate or if you leave the door open I will start out there and be waiting for you in the morning on the couch or bed upstairs.

I am definitely a dog that needs a lot of give, but what I give back in showing that I trust you will warm your heart and make it melt for me!.

💜 Click here to see my rescue journey & to understand more about me...

Stryker- 9/11 Memorial Dog is up-to-date on his vaccinations and has been neutered. He is best in a home without small children and is not suitable in an apartment, condo or other urban setting. Stryker- 9/11 Memorial Dog is currently being fostered in Edinburg, VA.

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