About Us

About Our Organization

Operation Paws for Homes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of dogs and cats who have overcome great odds and deserve wonderful, caring forever homes. These dogs and cats are rescued from overcrowded shelters in the southern region of the United States, including South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia. We partner with local shelters as needed. We also rescue a few international dogs by partnering with shelters and rescues in India and Kosovo who rescue dogs from dangerous and deplorable conditions .

Our organization is volunteer-powered by a dedicated group of animal lovers who have seen the horrors and sad fate of animals who find themselves abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the world. At the rural shelters, the staff faces everyday challenges of few adopters, underdeveloped spay/neuter programs in their counties, and (in many instances) local residents who do not understand the need to spay/neuter or engage in rescue activities. With limited resources and few adoptions locally, the shelters are forced to put down a significant percentage of their animals.

After visiting these facilities and seeing the heartache on the faces of the shelter staff and the animals in their care, we started OPH to help give these deserving dogs and cats a second chance. We have some of the best shelter and rescue partners! There is no better feeling than pulling out of the shelter’s parking lot with 25 lucky dogs and cats who are being given a new lease on life! In doing so - we give hope to these amazing Shelter Partners that the animals they have cared for will find forever homes. In fact, part of our mission is to support these facilities through donations guidance, and resources.

OPH does not operate a shelter or have a physical location. We rely on foster families who open their homes to give love and attention to each dog while it waits for a forever home. In addition, we partner with wonderful boarding facilities who care for our rescue animals. Through the foster program and our partners, we learn about each dog and its needs. These animals have been through a lot and it may take days or weeks to allow their personality to completely unfold . We strive to provide as many details as possible to potential and future adopters which increases the likelihood of a good match for each dog and family.

About Our Adoptions

Our organization provides pet adoption services to families located in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and neighboring states. We believe in responsible adoptions and strive to work with each adopter to find a good match for their home and lifestyle. Our adoption process includes completion of an application, a review of reference checks, vet checks, an interview, and a personal “meet and greet” where the family can meet and interact with their potential new four-legged family member. Throughout this process, we work to ensure each family and dog are the right fit for each other.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful and active volunteers who help OPH find forever homes for over 1,000 dogs and cats a year. The key to that statement is - volunteer! Please remember that our organization is driven by caring individuals who give their personal time to help rescue these animals and provide them with the opportunity to find an amazing future! In addition to adoptions, volunteers carry out education and outreach events throughout the area, and conduct donation drives for our partner shelters in the south.

Our goal is to offer a second chance to dogs and cats abandoned in shelters and out of time. Sadly, without our help, some of these adoptable animals would face almost certain euthanasia - sometimes within days of arriving at the shelter. Each year we rescue hundreds of wonderful dogs and cats. We work hard to unite them with forever families who will give them the life and love they deserve. These animals are saved only because of the dedication of our incredible adopters, fosters, donors, and volunteers.

About our Funding

OPH is 100% donor funded. We receive no funding from federal, state, or county governments. As a result, we rely on the generous donations from our supporters and the adoption fees for each dog in order to save the dogs and cats in need that join our rescue organization. In addition, we have a hard working Grant Team who reaches out to organizations who provide grants for rescue animals. Without these vital funds, we could not continue our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals - and the people - who we save. Together We Rescue.

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