Microchip Registration

Enrollment is important!

A chip without enrollment is like a cell phone without service.

Thank you for taking an important step in your pet’s health and wellbeing by microchipping your pet! But, you must not forget the most important part - ENROLLMENT! In order to get your pet home safe and sound, you must enroll your information in the HomeAgain database

Enroll your pet today, and save $9.00 off your enrollment!

In order to receive the discounted rate of $10.99, you must enroll your microchip two ways:

  • Logging in at homeagain.com/chipfurkeeps with the Petfinder Shelter ID VA600, then select For Pet Parents and proceed with registration.
  • You may also enroll by calling 1-866-802-5650 and providing the Petfinder Shelter ID# VA600