Help OPH volunteers bring street dogs from India to forever homes in the U.S.!

Our Goal $2,500
Raised $33

Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) volunteers are traveling to India in February 2020 to rescue street dogs. They will volunteer at OPH's partner Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW), an animal rescue organization in New Delhi, India. Many dogs living on the street are hit by cars, develop serious medical conditions, and suffer from malnutrition. KAW rescues sick and injured dogs and provides medical treatment.

Some lucky dogs are then transported to OPH to find loving forever homes in the U.S. We are raising funds to bring six dogs to the U.S. with the OPH volunteers.

Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) and Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW), an animal rescue organization in New Delhi, India, are working together to transform the lives of street dogs.

The KAW team works tirelessly to rescue sick and injured dogs living on the streets. There are approximately 30 million free-ranging dogs living in India. In New Delhi, where KAW is located, there are nearly 500,000 dogs living on the street. These dogs are frequently injured by vehicles, suffer from disease and malnutrition, and survive by eating garbage. Two-thirds of puppies born to street dogs die before three months of age, and eight out of ten die before reaching one year of age.

A group of OPH volunteers is traveling to India in February 2020 to help out at KAW. They will bring desperately needed supplies, work on volunteer projects at KAW, and bring back six dogs for adoption in the U.S. OPH is raising funds for the cost of the airline charge, export permit, crate, microchip, and health certificate needed to bring the dogs. Once these KAW dogs arrive in the U.S, OPH will find forever homes for them.

Thank you for giving what you can. We are grateful for your support!