Giving Tuesday

Our Goal $10,000
Raised $10,495

Giving Tuesday is an international online giving event that supports nonprofit organizations who are the voice for those who need. At OPH Rescue, we change the world for four-legged friends who deserve a a happily ever after. While 2020 has been an interesting, challenging and unchartered year, we have continued our mission to change the world for dogs and cats in need. This Giving Tuesday join OPH as we open our hearts and provide a peek into the rescue world and some incredible life-changing stories. Please join us in support of this life-saving and life-celebrating campaign!

Giving Tuesday has become a part of the fabric of nonprofit work for OPH and many nonprofits around the globe. This year, we’ve seen our fair share of heartbreaking stories. But this holiday season, we want to celebrate our successes.

  • Shelters can be scary places to a dog. Abandoned by their families. New environment with new sounds and smells. And there are only so many volunteers or staff available to give a loving pat to a sad dog who is waiting for their change as a happy ending. Some dogs shut down while waiting for rescue. And they need time to bounce back.... something our foster families provide.

  • It seems like each week we receive an urgent plea of a pregnant momma dog who needs out immediately. It's dangerous for them to deliver alone in a shelter and we are fortunate to have caring families who allow us to move mom quickly to a safe place for her and her family to start a new life.

After a decade of rescuing animals, OPH Rescue has changed the world for so many dogs and cats as well as the families who share memories, stories and their hearts with these deserving animals. Join us this Giving Tuesday in changing the world for more!

Help us to continue to Be the Change by donating this Giving Tuesday.

THANK YOU for your support!