Boarding Benefactors

We know not everyone can foster. We know not everyone can adopt. But there’s another way you can save a life today! Be a Boarding Benefactor!

Shelters and pounds are overflowing - Dogs, and cats, are pouring in and most of OPH's shelter partners are at capacity. These shelters are pleading for help because they are out of options. For hundreds of dogs and cats, rescues like OPH are their only chance to get out of a shelter.

Typically, OPH needs a committed foster home for every dog transport to safety. Because this isn't always possible, with YOUR support, OPH can partner with boarding facilities until a foster home is available.
Just $30 provides a night in boarding for a rescued dog. That’s just $210 for a week that will save a dog’s life. Won’t you please consider being a Boarding Benefactor?

For more information about this program email