#8425 Lion King

Medium-size, Male, Senior English Shepherd,
Energy Level 2

Energy Level 2 - Likes to go for short walks but mostly is a lounger. Does not require much interactive play.

Hey there! My name is Lion King AKA Louie. I am 100% an English Shepherd guessed to be about 8 years old and around 61lbs.

♡ I am 100% potty-trained. I will whine to let you know I want to go out.

 ♡ I have spectacular house manners. I will wait for your permission before jumping up on the couch and I learn rules quickly.

♡ I don’t try to steal human food. (But I will stare at you with my sad puppy eyes until you sneak me a piece under the table).

♡ I’m a gentle-giant. I am SUPER polite with cats and other dogs. I understand social cues well.

♡ I’m a total velcro dog to my chosen person. I LOVE to be around people so I’d like a family where someone is home all-day.

♡ I’m relatively low-energy. I don’t need long walks to thrive - quality time and affection is most important to me.

♡ I am the BIGGEST snuggle-bug you will ever meet. I lean my head into your hand when I want more head rubs and lay my head on your lap when I’m sleepy.

♡ I will need a home with a fenced yard. I get shy going ‘number 2’ on walks.

♡ Forget the doorbell - I will personally alert you to someone at the door.

♡ I love treats so therefore - I love training! I'm very smart. I know basic commands like “sit, lie down, stay, come, and move”. I want more than anything to be the best dog ever.

♡ Big/loud/strange men sometimes scare me. Mom gives me lots of treats so that I feel safe when meeting these types of men.

♡ I always have a big smile plastered on my face. I’m just a happy, gentle, 61lbs teddy bear with an endless amount of love to give.

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Lion King He is best in a home without small children. Lion King is currently being fostered in Woodbridge, VA.

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